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Mom's Best Friend Forever


RM 8.90 RM 15.90
Sangol Rice Puff Rice Sticks

◘ Rice Sticks Spinach
◘ Rice Sticks Purple Sweet Potato
◘ Rice Sticks Apple Carrot

Rice Puffs Apple
☑ Organic Rice
☑ Not Sticky
☑ Smooth
☑ Long enough to eat for a long time

▷ 100& Organic rice and rice embryo bud extract basics from nature
▷ Intricately handmade with sincerity
▷ Comfortable to hold in hands 9.5cm~10cm, as much as it's a child first snack it is entirely made using children as a reference so that they can hold it by themselves
▷ It may take up to 5 minutes to finish 1 rice puff
▷ High quality package prevent dampness, UV rays and pollution instead of using transparent package.

Rice Sticks > Spinach / Purple Sweet Potato / Apple Carrot
Each 25g 1 pack contains 40-45 pieces of rice sticks

➱ Organic brown rice
➱ No additives
➱ Quality of snacks improved with vegetables and fruits
➱ Wholesome diet
➱ Balanced Nutrients
➱ 0% chemical additives and harmful substances
➱ No added syrup, fruit powder

☀ Most natural preserving the authentic and unaltered natural flavor of the ingredients by using the natural drying method
☀ Not frying at 200-300c is the way to preserve the nutrients of the ingredients
☀ It is different from normal rice puffs that are fried at high temperatures of 200-300c where nutrients are destroyed
☀ Most nutrients in the ingredients are alive since they are not heated at high temperatures
☀ Easy to melt in mouth, comfortable to hold in hands so that it's easy for babies and mothers

Suitable for children age 4 months and above

Sangol Fruit Chips

Fruit Chips (+6~+12 month)
Fruit Chips pear +6month
Fruit Chips Apple +6month
Fruit Chips Strawberry +12month

✔✔Fruits are nutritious with freeze drying
method below -40 degrees Celsius

Sangol Rice Chip

- Melt slowly in saliva
- Comfortable to hold in hands
- No additives sugar and salt
- The shape is designed for easy grip giving an experience of tasting and developing small muscle

White Rice
Organic Rice 99.7- Organic Embryo Rice Powder 0.3-

Sweet Pumpkin
Organic Rice 99.4- Organic Embryo Rice Powder 0.3- Organic Sweet Pumpkin Powder 0.3-

Organic Rice 97.7- Apple Juice 2- Organic Embryo Rice Powder 0.3-

- Please keep in a cool and dry place as it is sensitive to humidity
- Please seal the zipper bag after opening to prevent contact with air