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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Richell Teether With Case 3m+

RM 29.90 RM 39.00
  • Specifications◆ heat-resistant temperatureTeething: 140 degreesCase: 90 degrees◆ disinfection methodTeething: boiled ○, the chemical ○, microwave oven ○Case: boiled ×, the chemical ○, microwave oven ×◆ dishwasherTeething: ○Case: ○※ dishwasher should be designed for home, please do not place in the vicinity of the hot air outlet.※ flying this product in such as water flow depending on the model, it may not be able to wash well.
  • MaterialsSilicone rubber, polypropylene
  • Precautions- Please do not use this product for any purpose other than applications.· Please be sure to use it near a guardian's supervision. Take the child unexpected behavior, it may cause injury or accident.· Children by biting from various directions, please note that it may this product hits such as in the eye.• Before use, please be sure sure there are no scratches or cracks, chipping.If you like, scratches and cracks, chipping was observed, please discontinue use immediately.• If the child fell asleep, please be sure to release this product from children. There is a risk of suffocation.* Please do not place near the fire.• When you do not use this product, please keep out of reach of children.· The first time you use, please be sure to cleaning and disinfection.- that was used this product, please be washed as soon as possible put immediately in warm water.Of the case boiled, microwave oven disinfection Please do not.• When the microwave oven disinfection, please follow the handling of each disinfection supplies.· Excessive boiling, please be avoided because the fry quickly the product. It should be noted that, when you boil is, plenty put the hot water in a large pot, please be boiled for 3 to 5 minutes.• When the chemical disinfection, please use the baby dedicated disinfectant. Incidentally, when used, please follow the use of each disinfectant.• After cleaning and disinfection, please keep it in its case