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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Richell T.L.I. First Sippy Cup 200ml 5m+ & Full Rotated Drinkable Cup 200ml 8m+

RM 42.90 RM 59.00
Baby can drink with a straw and also by tilting the bottle! Richell offers “New Style of Spout”!

The soft flexible spout shape is designed for young and undeveloped mouths. The straw attachment can easily be fitted to suit your child's preferences.
Adapting your baby's growth, multiple function mug helps your baby to learn suck and drink.
The hygienic TLI step-up mug is designed to prevent backflow and has a minimum of parts for washing.

Without straw
The soft flexible spout is easy to latch onto. When the straw is not fitted the cup can be held at an angle—perfect as the next stage after breastfeeding.

Sucking a lot
With straw
This configuration is recommended from around five months of age, when your babies still have difficulty in pursing their lips. The wide spout supports to learn pursing lips.
The straw attachment is ideal for infants who cannot yet lift their head and tilt the mug but have mastered sucking through a straw. Only the TLI step-up mug gives you this much flexibility!

Unique valve prevents spewing and leaking
The revolutionary Richell air valve encourages infants to develop their drinking skills while preventing leaking even if the mug is knocked over or shaken from up to down when the lid is opened. Leak-free mug is convenient to carry it in your bag.