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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Richell All Silicone Pacifier With Box 3m+

RM 25.90 RM 35.00

Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm; 12 g

Color: Bunny Watermelon

Product description:

Nipple shaped close to baby's breasts

Easy to clean silicone without puddles in the nipples.

Comes with a convenient disinfecting case.

Nipple shape for oral function development

Developed in collaboration with dental university and dentists.

Comes with a suction like a mom's breast!

This pacifier has been researched to help prevent sleep and prevent slipping.

Nipple shape close to breasts

The round nipple allows you to suck it with the movement of the mouth just like your breasts.

Integrated pacifier

There is no joints, so it is easy to wash without accumulating dirt.

Includes finger spots

Put your finger on and use it as a communication tool with your baby.

Fits mouth

Softly fit areas that hit the face

Microwave disinfection case included

Use the case to disinfect the microwave.