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Mom's Best Friend Forever

PIGEON FunFriends Disney Soother 3-6m

RM 22.90 RM 25.90
FunFriends soother with Disney character is an improve version from Calming soother. Hence, the improved functionality of FunFriends soother is emphasized to calm a baby to a ‘settle down’ state.

• The shape that allows baby to move tongue naturally
• The design of the teat has been taken into consideration to reduce the concern on teeth development during the baby’s development
• Improved water drainage system so moisture would not trapped inside
• Less stress to upper & lower jaw

• Less stress to upper & lower jaw

• Helps baby to easily latch on it
• Stays put in baby’s mouth

• Less likely to fall out of baby’s mouth
• Less stress & strength are needed to suck

Nipple / Teat - Silicone Rubber
Seat Plate & Hood - Polypropylene (PP)

Sterilization Method:
• Boiling
• Steam
• Chemical
*Heat Resistance: 120°C