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Mom's Best Friend Forever


RM 299.00

Crawling Period (3 months – 12 months) When babies crawl on the floor, a Playmat will give the best soft cushioning. PlayMat helps and protects them from injuries.
Toddling Period (1 year – 3 years) In toddling period, the baby topples over. Babies have weak neck muscles and the baby’s head is comparatively heavier than the body. Babies fall a lot, especially when they’re learning to walk. Baby and child brain injuries can be scary to parents. However, a thick enough cushion layer will help & protect against brain damage or other accident.
Preschool Age By statistical analysis, most cases of baby injuries happen at home. Let’s give safe areas to our babies and children. Playmat has been developed with very strong safety features. Plus, Parklon PlayMat can help to reduce excessive noise in the home. Educational Preschoolers can learn the names of the alphabet letters and words by playing on PlayMat.
The playmat is an educational toy for teaching letters and words. Exercise PlayMat is not only for babies. It is also perfect for relaxing or doing exercise ( Yoga, aerobics, sports activities, and spiritual training)
Specifications:- Material: PVC
Printing: Both Sides
Product Weight: 6.00kg