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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Original Pigeon Natural-Fit Silicone Nipple Shield (13mm / 16mm)

RM 17.90 RM 23.00
Pigeon - Natural-Fit Silicone Nipple Shield (13mm / 16mm)

PIGEON ... Your Breastfeeding Companion
The PIGEON Nipple Shield is made from a soft flexible silicone rubber and provides a wide contact surface. The cut-out section on the top of this shield enables baby to be in direct contact with mother's skin and the holes on the nipple are designed to be exactly the same as the mother's nipple.

An Aid for Successful Breastfeeding

This nipple is useful for:
-Flat or inverted nipples;
-Sore or cracked nipples;
-Pain relief when baby latches on and
-Protection against "teething toddlers"

How to use:
@Place the shield over the nipple
@Hold the shield in place with your fingers during feeding

TIP: Expressing some milk into the shield and letting your baby drink from it helps him get accustomed to the nipple shield, thereby ensuring a smooth and trouble-free introduction to the shield.