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Mom's Best Friend Forever

New In Box DOPHIN MULTIFUNCTIONAL SLIDE PINK/ Gift Set/ Good Quality/ Hot Selling

RM 249.00 RM 299.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

  • Rounded corners detailing for intimate love and care
  • Anti-skid convex lines preventing baby's littlefeet slip and avoid accidental fall risk.
  • Ergonomic extended deceleration cushionslideway
  • U-shaped solid base anti-rollover
  • Keep stable while climbing and gliding
  • Cartoon style anti-slip stairs that your baby love to play
  • Moms worrying their child has nowhere to play
  • Worrying your child playing outdoor under haze weather
  • Worrying about the cleanliness in common punlic playgrounds
  • Worrying your child running and jumping around playing indoor causing hit and fall
  • Worrying your child uses mobile phonesand computers all the time that might lead poor eye sight
  • 80cm x 175cm x 32cm