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Mom's Best Friend Forever

LITTLE Bean Premium Mini All 4 One Food Processor

RM 249.90 RM 399.90

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-Easy and efficient operation.
-Heat, steam, chop and blend with ease.
-Buttons for steaming and blending are user-friendly.
-It is simple by just adjusting your blending intensity.
-Save 100% of the ingredients.

Designed to prepare healthy baby food in a quick and convenient way. The processor is made of safe food grade materials such as Tritan and PP with stainless steel blade.One control knob does the jobThe powerful motor allows you to control the speed through blending and grinding by easily turning the knob to different directions.High speed blendingWhen baby is small, prepare your's baby food in a smooth texture - liquefying, chopping or pureeing.Low speed blendingFor bigger baby, food can be prepared in a rougher texture with small pieces. Baby will enjoy the chewing and biting.