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Mom's Best Friend Forever

KUKU DUCKBILL Pacifier + Chain

RM 18.50 RM 21.50

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Feature:This New Ku.Ku Duckbill Pacifier Holder comes with a Ku.Ku teat protector that is suitable for most brands of pacifiers, keeps pacifier clean and away from the dirt. The holder can be used to hold pacifier, toy and accessory. The chain prevents pacifier from falling on the floor and getting dirty or lost.



Weight:13.5g (±0.2 g)

Color:Blue、Pink、Dark Blue

Material:Case-ABS(-10℃~80℃)、Holder Clip-Tritan(-10℃~90℃)

Chain and Holder-Polyethylene (-10℃~80℃)


Instructions for use:Use the clip to fasten the chain to baby's  clothes, and the other pacifier holder attaches to the pacifier.

Notes:Wash with warm water and mild soap, rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilizer. Do not store the product in hot place, and keep away from fire.