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Mom's Best Friend Forever

KUKU Duckbill New Color Cup 2Color 200ml

RM 31.90 RM 39.90
New Color Cup 2 
360° Drinking Without Water Leakage
Let the baby fall in love with thesecret of drinking water

★Pro+ angle
Ku. Ku. Duckbill’s exclusive straw elevation angle design allows babies to drink water with ease~

★Easily press the lid of the cup
The labor-saving switch stores the straw at the same time for convenience & hygiene! Say goodbye to bacteria!

★Non-slip grip
The binaural grips are designed to fit the size of the baby's hand and can also be used to train gripping ability.

Unlimited drinking angle.  The vent device makes that drinking water is effortless, the straw does not collapse, and the baby's cheeks are no longer red.

★Fun press  Single hand to open
Effortlessly press the switch to let the baby drink water easily.
At the same time, the straw can be automatically incorporated to prevent dirt or bacteria from adhering, which is safe and hygienic.

★Non-slip grip
Baby grips effortlessly‧One-piece cup body does not shake
Smooth & easy-to-grip 
handle designNon-ridge surface, non-slip grip design and widened grip allow the baby to grip better~

★360° Drink
No matter the baby is lying or standing, he/she can easily drink water at any angle.
Scientific Gravity Design – Metal Ball360° free movements with posture so that the direction of straw and water are always the same.

★Vent design device
Keep your baby sucking smoothly without vacuum
Unlimited drinking angle
The air convection balances. Drinking water is effortless, the straw does not collapse, and the baby's cheeks are no longer red.

Capacity : 200ml

Cup. Cap. Straw Cap .Straw Connector
Straw : Silicone(-20℃~120℃)
Ball : Stainless Steel(-20℃~120℃)