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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Jack N' Jill Toothpaste+Finger Brush

RM 39.90 RM 55.00


Get little ones brushing their teeth with this Jack N' Jill Bio Toothbrush featuring a magical unicorn design.

Green parents will love that the corn starch toothbrush handle is fully compostable - perfect for a zero-waste bathroom.

Children will find the handle really comfy and easy to use and the soft nylon bristles allow for gentle, effective cleaning of first teeth.

Plastic alternative to standard toothbrushes

BPA Free


100% Corn Starch

handle - naturally compostable and biodegradable

Nylon bristles

Suitable from first tooth

Ethically made in Australia



Break off toothbrush head and discard with care - Nylon is a recyclable material, but please check with local recycling facilities.

Place toothbrush handle in compost bin or with your food waste collection service.

Typically takes 90 days to break down.

Care & Handling

Replace toothbrushes every 8 weeks and after illness

Store upright to air dry, away from the toilet area

Jack N' Jill Bio Brush cannot be sterilised in boiling water or microwave, due to the corn starch material.

Promote good oral hygiene from an early age with Jack N' Jill.

The fluoride-free, natural toothpastes are available in a range of fruity flavours, or plain if you prefer, and all containing mild, hypoallergenic ingredients.

Organic calendula is astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, creating a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.

100% safe for children with no need to spit or rinse.

The Aussie-made toothbrushes are all BPA and PVC free, and very cute, too!






Jack N' Jill is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers & children that is safe to swallow. It was first made in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 and it has been our family business for more than twenty years. It continues to be made in Australia and we are excited that Jack N' Jill is now available in more than 30 countries.

A few years ago we had our first child and immediately joined many parents the world over who are concerned about the current environmental issues and the direct effects they have on our children. We started to question everything he came into contact with, not wanting to expose him to unnecessary additives and chemicals, and felt frustrated at the lack of choices in early childhood oral hygiene. With a background in pharmacy, we set out to formulate the absolute safest toothpaste for our kids and yours. In the process, we also made it the most fun & yum!

Jack N' Jill toothpaste is 100% safe for young children – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! All Jack N' Jill packaging is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won't mind it sitting on their bathroom vanity. Alongside the toothpaste we have designed and manufactured the first children’s toothbrushes that are made of NON GMO cornstarch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable. Did we mention 'cute'?Jack and Jill toothpaste is 100% safe for young babies, toddlers & children – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it!

Your kids will learn to love brushing their teeth!

With yummy organic flavours and super cute designs, kids love Jack N’ Jill toothpaste – and parents love it because it’s free from nasties like preservatives sulfates, colours or sugar.

Product Features :• NASAA certified organic ingredients.• Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.• Fluoride Free, Sugar Free and Colour Free• SLS Free, No Mint & No Preservatives• Flavours are USDA certified, vegan, kosher & gluten free.• Safety seal, easy open flip top cap, BPA free• Contains xylitol (from birch trees) to fight tooth decay• Contains certified organic calendula to soothe gums.