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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Hapi Moms Lactation Cookies Increase Breast Milk Supply Mixed Berries / Brownie / Choc Chip

RM 33.90 RM 39.90
8 sachets x 2 pcs (Cookies)

Mixed Berries
• Helps mom produce more breast milk in a delicious way.
• Boost your health to feed baby better.

• Savour the tantalizing flavour of traditional brownies while building your milk supply for your little one.
• Making milk never tasted so good!

Choc Chip
• Great for moms who are chocolate lovers.
• Boost your breast milk supply for your little one and go gaga over the delicious choc chip taste.

Are you worried that your milk supply is low and not enough for your baby?
Hapimoms Lactation Cookies - To breastfeeding women out there come and get try this Hapimoms Lactation Cookies.

These tasty treats work miracles to increase breastmilk production, thanks to the natural breast milk supply boosters called galactagogues found within the recipe. Speacially-formulate lactation cookies that help to boost breast milk supply by nutritionist & lactationist.

Nutritionist and lactationist formulated to support breast milk supply.
• The healthy cookies are designed to help breastfeeding mothers to increase and boost milk supply.
• The ingredients have been carefully researched and selected by our in-house nutritionist and food technologist.

Combination of ingredients that help to boost breast milk supply.
• Contains powerful galactagogues including fennel, flaxseed, wheat germ, oats and brewer’s yeast. They are rich in - B-complex, which makes it a good supplement to replenish Vitamin B levels in mothers.

Twin pack for hygiene and convenience.
• Two cookies are packed in each individual sachet for hygiene purposes and to maintain its freshness, as well as making it convenient for moms to consume.

With ingredients traditionally used to support breast milk supply:
• Fenugreek : Acts as a galactagogue which affects the stimulation of the mammary glands.
• Fennel Seeds : Increase levels of prolacton, a main hormone which is responsible for stimulating milk production.
• Brewer’s Yeast : Contains highly digestible protein, minerals and vitamin B. It is termed as a “Superfood” to help boost
milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.

Trial pack 

featuring two delightful flavors, with two sachets of each flavor, allowing you to embark on a smooth breastfeeding journey!

Mix Berries 2pck

Choc Chic 2pack