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Clevamama Clevafoam Baby Pillow with Pillowcase 0-12m 23cm x40cm x3.5cm

RM 25.90 RM 39.00

ClevaFoam Baby Pillow

At Clevamama, we know that nothing is more precious than your baby. Our supportive and breathable ClevaFoam®?Baby Pillow has been designed to protect and support your baby's soft round head and neck while sleeping.

Our advanced ClevaFoam®?technology protects the round shape of your baby's head to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). Researched and developed with the European University, Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland, it is scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of your baby's head by 50% and to increase support by 80%.

The uniquely formulated ClevaFoam®?with its open cell structure is 100% breathable, has significantly reduced heat retention and is remarkably lightweight.

For your baby?™s comfort and safety, it is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and toxin and formaldehyde free.? Perfect for babies with asthma and allergies.

We also have pillow cases in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns available to perfectly fit your ClevaFoam Baby Pillow.

A little bit about Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly):

It is medically advised that babies are placed on their back while they sleep as this is safest position for them. ?This position can create pressure on the back of their head and so Flat Head Syndrome may become an issue. When they rest, young babies can have a side which they prefer to sleep on.? This means that natural pressure can be put and focused on one side of their head.

Here are some extra and simple ways to help manage this:

  • Re-position your baby's head while they are resting, so that sometimes they face left and sometimes they face right. So very gently switching the side they face when they go down to sleep.
  • When your baby is ready, start practicing Tummy Time with them, this helps strengthen their shoulder and neck muscles for better control of their head.

ClevaFoam Baby Pillow is H 23cm x W 40cm x D 3.5cm.

100% Natural Premium Cotton