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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Chicco Sample PP Bottle Fun 150ml Latex Teat

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Chicco`s range of Well-Being Feeding Bottles are made from Polypropylene and respond to latest market demands. The bottle section of the Well-Being Feeding Bottle is made from PP (Polypropylene) a plastic that has no Bisphenol A content; it is easy to clean and very practical for mums.

The bottles for infants have pretty and attractive decorations, whilst the bottles for older kids are brightly colouredwith fun decorations.

The pack used for the PP Well-Being Feeding Bottle is the traditional and stylish "red ticked box". Like all the feeding bottles in the Well-Being range, the Polypropylene feeding bootle maintains all the product features which make it ideal for babies from their first days of life.

Well-Being 0% BPA

150 ml - Fun

Regular Flow

Latex Teat