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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Chicco Baby Moments Body Wash And Shampoo 200ml

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Up to 87% Natural Origin Ingredients
BHT, EDTA, Tropolone Free
SLS and SLES Free
Parabens Free
Dyes and alcohol free
Segmentation by skin type
100% Recycled Plastic
Respect of the physiological pH
Presence of main specific ingredient
All formulas: contains vegetal Glycerin and natural extracts has a delicate and unique scent are dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested
Moisturises baby’s skin, making it wonderfully smooth and soft
It contains sweet almond milk, known for its emollient, nourishing properties.
Non-greasy, quickly absorbed.
USE INSTRUCTIONS-Undiluted Product: Pour a small amount onto the palm of your hand, moisten with water and then apply with a gentle massage. Rinse well.