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Car Phone Projector Mainan Baby Toys Educational Toys For Kids Toys Learning Toys For Kids Learning Toys

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Dual Language: English Variations: 🍎Green Features: 🌞Boot mode default mode one 🌞3 children's songs 🌞6 types of nicknames in English 🌞7 kinds of color recognition 🌞5 phone ringtones 🌞15 pieces of piano music 🌞6 types of vehicles in English 🌞5 SMS sound effects 🌞5 kinds of baby sound effects 🌞15 songs to soothe and help sleep 🌞Animal cognition 6 types of weather sound effects in English 4 types 🌞2 steps of camera sound Highlights: Keep your baby entertained You baby will never grab your phone to play. The sound and soft light can entertain baby Your baby can learn English make phone calls, and listen to music. Encourages and helps your baby explore and learn. Cute realistic macaron car appearance. It is macaron soft tones, cute big-eyed front design, help strengthen important senses like sight and hearing. Inspire early role play fun. Light tone design, protect the baby's hearing development. Featuring various sound (transportation sound, animal sound, etc.), music (accompaniments, nursery rhymes, pacifying songs, etc), and a whack-a-mole game, Use it close to the ear, the tympanic membrane is less vibrating, which is good for the baby's hearing development. Safety and security, Let your baby protect their safety while experiencing the fun of toys. Batteries safely installed - no way for child to get at the batteries since the cover to the battery compartment is held in place with a screw Instructions: 1. Short press change mode Mode 2-(numbers, ‘*’ addition and ‘#’ subtraction formulas) Mode 3- Continuously press any key 5 times (randomly play a phone dialling sound effect) 2. Long press the mode button to turn on the projector light, and 15 lullabies are played in a loop, and long press again to turn off. In this mode, trigger the number 0 button to play/close the lullaby, only the projection lamp is on. 3. If there is no operation within 60 seconds after playing any function of the mobile phone, it will play the lock sound and enter the sleep state. Material:Eco-friendly ABS plastic+electronic components+soft rubber Battery:3 AAA batteries (not included) Product Size:15x7.5x3.7cm 🌱All products listed are ready stocks from KL. 🌱We will ship within 24 hours during normal season. 🌱Follow us to get amazing deals. 🌱Please allow a slight variation in size and color due to the picture quality.