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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Premium Sleeping Bag 33cm x 58cm x 2.5 cm

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Casing: 100% Natural Premium Cotton
Filling: AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre


33cm x 58cm x 2.5cm

Product Description:

Babylove Premium Sleeping Bag is ideal to use with your baby?™s stroller, because it is able to provide extra comfortability for your baby when he / she is sleeping in the stroller.

Its casing is made from 100% Natural Premium Cotton (certified by OEKO-TEX), thus it is baby-friendly, comfortable, breathable and won?™t caused skin allergy.

Besides, its filling is made from AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre, which enable it to remain its shape after washing in the washing machine.

However, do not tumble dry and don?™t dry it with dryer, it may damage the filling.