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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Premium Cot Organizer 51cm x 36cm

RM 44.50 RM 69.90


100% Natural Premium Cotton


51cm x 36cm

Product Description:

Babylove Premium Cot Organizer is ideal for all type of baby cot and all new parents.

Besides, it can reduce parents??panic and stress at night when baby suddenly woke up and cry.

This is because it can store all baby?™s essentials in one place and make it easier for mommy and daddy to reach it while they need it at midnight.

Things that can store in Babylove Premium Cot Organizer such as medicine, disposable diapers, handkerchief, milk powder, bottle, tissue, pacifier, and etcetera.

Therefore, you no longer need to running here and there to look for those items mentioned above, you can get them in one place, one-stop.