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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Premium Comforter 83.8cm x 111.8cm x 1.3cm

RM 87.90 RM 109.90

Babylove Premium Comforter is dedicated to provide your baby a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience by ensuring your baby stay warm and relax all the night, because its thickness is specially designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Therefore, it is essential having Babylove Premium Comforter in the baby cot, because it not only affect your baby?™s sleeping experience and quality, but also affect yours.

This is because you can only sleep well, when your baby enjoy his / her night. In addition, it is also an ideal travel companion for your baby, especially when you and your baby are travelling long distance. It can ensure your baby stay warm in the car, the bus, the train or even the plane.

Besides, Babylove Premium Comforter?™s casing is made from 100% Natural Premium Cotton, thus it is breathable, comfortable and won?™t caused skin allergy to your baby.

Meanwhile, its filling is made from AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre, which enable it to remain its shape after washing in the washing machine.

Material & Measurements:

  • 100% Premium Natural Cotton (casing)
  • AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre (filling)
  • Comforter: 83.8cm x 111.8cm x 1.3cm