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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Premium 7 in 1 Bedding Set

RM 299.00 RM 359.00

What?™s better than having your little one sound asleep if it?™s not getting some good rest as parents? With comfort comes a goodnight sleep for your baby with our premium 7 in 1 bedding set.

A completed set with a pillow, two bolsters, a comforter, a fitted sheet and two cot bumpers, say hello to a safe and comfy environment for the little one. Designed with love and care for your baby, the cot bumpers are made to prevent any injuries to your baby while they sleep giving you the peace of mind to achieve better quality rest.

Product features:

  • Casing for all items is made from 100% Premium Natural Cotton, giving the soft and comfy feeling for a baby to sleep and cuddle with.
  • Filling of all items is made from AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre, keeping all items in shape even after machine washing.

Materials and Measurement:

This set fits perfectly for baby cots with mattress size 130cm x 70cm and 120cm x 60cm with individual measurements as below

  • Pillow: 20.32cm x 30.48cm
  • Bolster: 40.64cm x 15.24cm
  • Comforter: 83.8cm x 111.8cm x 1.3cm
  • Fitted Sheet: 71.1cm x 132.1cm
  • Cot Bumper: 195cm x 28cm *1 piece