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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Premium 3-Fold Playpen Foam Mattress or Mattress Case 73.7cm x 101.6cm x 5.1cm

RM 107.90 RM 119.90

With every baby comes a playpen at home. The Babylove Premium 3-Fold Playpen Foam Mattress could just up your game adding in some cuteness into your child?™s playpen. Specially designed to fit in the playpen, this product is also known as a superb travel companion as it comes with the convenience of folding the mattress down 3 times the size to be easily packed along on a road trip. Made with the thought of keeping your baby safe while using it, materials used are baby-friendly especially to the delicate skin of your little one while it provides great air-ventilation, enhancing your child?™s sleep experience.

Materials and Measurement:

  • Casing is made from 100% Natural Cotton (OEKO-TEX certified), a baby-friendly material known for great ventilation while your little one sleeps on it.
  • Filling is made of foam, for a soft and comfy experience.
  • Casing is removable for washing, keeping hygiene at an optimum level.
  • 73.7cm x 101.6cm x 5.1cm