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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Bath Tub With Stopper & Babylove Adjustable Bath Tub Stand & Diaper Changing Mat (3 in 1 Set)

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1. Babylove Baby Spa Bath Tub with Stopper

-There's really no fixed rule about when you should stop using a baby bath, but most babies are ready for the bathtub around 6 months or whenever they're able to sit up and support themselves on their own.
Get a good bath tub for your baby to bathe safely.
The latest design bath tub comes with a stopper, and it can perfectly fit in with our adjustable 2-level bath stand and bath net support!
Safe to use!

2. Baby Love Bath Stand
- Offers you the most comfortable way to bathe your baby.
No need to bend anymore, no more bathing your baby in the kitchen sink.
Pamper your baby and yourself (especially your back!)
Sturdy and Durable.
Dual practicality for bathtub and moses basket.
Conveniently fold for storage.
Save your back from bending while bathing your baby.
Fit most standard baby bath tubs.
Suitable from birth up to 15kg.

3.Diaper Changing Foam Pad
Essentially a mini mattress reserved solely for diaper changing time. A standard diaper changing pad can either be slotted into a baby changing diaper or used on its own on any surface around the home, such as a dresser.
Many standard diaper changing pads will require the use of a changing pad cover to protect it from diaper leaks. Similar to a bed sheet, when dirty, simply change the changing pad cover.

4. Bath Tub Net
Support when baby shower