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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Babylove Air-Filled Rubber Cot Sheet 90cm x 60cm

RM 30.50 RM 35.90

Babylove Air-Filled Rubber Cot Sheets are made from superior quality 100% natural rubber. It is an environmental friendly product which is bio-degradable. There are aver 4,000 special constructed tiny air bubbles on the rubber cot sheet. Enable natural airflow and thus ventilate infant's bed for a good comfortable sleep.?

Babylove Air-Filled Rubber Cot Sheets is double sided with 4 layers of rubber sheeting to enhance its durability. It is ideally used when dressing up baby after bath or diapering to keep the bed/mattress wet proof.?

Babylove Air-Filled Rubber Cot Sheets are 100% non-toxic with external lab test certificates support. It is come with matched pastel colours for precious babies.

Size : 90cm x 60cm