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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Richell Aqulea Straw Training Mug 150ml 6m+ with free Straw Brush

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Step up according to the baby's growth

Support by adults at the beginning stage.Baby can learn to drink from a straw by repeating the action that the drink enters to the baby's mouth.

Babies will drink from the straw by themselves.Useful for eating at home.

It's a cup when the lid is removed.Because the inner curve is gentle, the drink inside doesn't swiftly rush into the baby's mouth.

Straw Training Mug

Perfect for straw training

The drink comes out from the straw when pushing the PUSH mark.

All silicone rubber lid

Excellent sealing performance.    

Drinking-mouth that matches the baby's mouth

Oval shape makes soft for baby's mouth and easy to suck.

AQULEA Straw Training Mug R NavyBlue/Pink/Yellow

6 months and onwards

Size/ 12.5x9x10H(cm)

Capacity/ 150mL

Material/ Polypropylene, Silicone Rubber