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Mom's Best Friend Forever

ANKOU Air Tight Milk Powder Container With Scraper

RM 36.90

We have run out of stock for this item.

// What is in the box:

1. Hanger & Scoop Hanger

2. Sample Scoop

3. Scraper Accessory

4. 1-year Warranty For Lids Manufacturer Defects Authentication Card

5. Rectangle Scraper


// Features:

1. One-Press Button.

2. Airtight, watertight.

3. Stackable for food storage.

4. Provided scoop is just a sample, you may use your own scoop as our hanger is fit for all types of scoop in the market.

// BPA FREE Material:

= Container Body: AS (Crystal Clear; -20˚ ~ 80˚)

= Container Lid: ABS (-20˚ ~ 70˚)

= Seal: Silicon (330˚)