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AGABOM Baby Diapers Tape / Pants | Chlorine Free Baby Diapers - Trial Pack (2pcs)

RM 4.00 RM 6.00
AGABOM 1st Ergonomic Diapers Tape / Pants
Comfy & Happy! Refreshing day for baby

⁂ With the safety of uses as the top priority, technology has been verified through various certificates!

WHY Choose AGABOM Diapers?
100% Chlorine-free
Free of phthalates
Free of non-toxic plastics
Free of preservatives
Free of Heavy metals

Explored all over the world on the strongest technology and select
strictly on international-level raw materials

AGABOM Baby Diapers - Tape
Fiber Top Sheet > Japan Material
Elastic Rubber > Korea Material
100% SAP Core > Japan Material
Magic Tapes > USA Material
Adhesive > Germany Material

AGABOM Baby Diapers - Pants
Fiber Top Sheet > Japan Material
Elastic Rubber > Korea Material
100% SAP Core > Japan Material
Adhesive > Germany Material

HIGH Speed Absorption
Absorption speed is fast, and it forms gel in a few seconds when
exposed to liquid, strong liquid retention

EXTRA Long Leak Protection
Double layer leak guards and widened leak-proof design, higher core utilization

Magic Tapes [ applicable on tape diapers only ]
No sharp edges keep baby’s skin free from scratches

Elastic Waistline
Fit baby’s waist, soft and flexible spring does not leave marks,
bottom spring designed to make the diapers smoother and comfort

DUAL Core Layers, double absorption
Upper layer absorbs liquid effectively, and lower layer locks liquid effectively

Super soft DOUBLE Layer
Breathable microporous film with waterproof, achieve good air
permeability and reduce leakage of bedwetting

Lightweight diapers perfectly to replace gauze

SIZE for tape diapers
NB Size – New Born Baby < 5kgs 64pcs/bag
S Size – 3-6kgs 44pcs/bag
M Size – 6-11kgs 42pcs/bag
L Size – 9-13kgs 36pcs/bag
XL Size – 13kgs 30pcs/bag

SIZE for pants diapers
Size M – 7-10kgs – 42pcs/bag
Size L – 9-14kgs – 36pcs/bag
Size XL – 12-17kgs – 30pcs/bag
Size XXL – 15-23kgs – 30pcs/bag

AGABOM Definitely a baby diaper that babies comfort, parents relieved