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Why Do Babies Like Teethers?

Why Do Babies Like Teethers?

Babies like to put toys in their mouth. Why do babies like to bite, munch and chew on teethers?

Teething is a process that many parents wait anxiously for but dread when it comes to their baby's development. Anywhere from the first few months of age, through the first year, babies could be teething. Many parents believe their babies are teething when they start to drool. As parents search the child's mouth for their first teeth to pop up from their gums, they begin to look for teething toys that a child can safely put in their mouth to bite and munch on, too.


Some parents prefer using teethers that can be chilled in the fridge, providing a soothing coolness to baby's gums if the child puts it in their mouth. Be careful not to freeze the teether too much, otherwise it could hurt a baby's delicate gums. Some teethers have vibration when a baby bites down on the toy. 

There are many other reasons though why babies like to put teether toys in their mouth to chew on. It is not always for relief when their teeth are emerging. It is part of child development that babies will try to put things into their mouth at an early age. All that mouthing and munching actually encourages a baby to move their tongue around.

This gives them awareness of their mouth. These motions help to lay the foundation for learning speech sounds and babbling as babies learn to say their first sounds and words, "mamama" and "dadada" and "bababa." Since babies love to chew on things, especially when they are teething, parents should not be surprised if they use blankets, favorite stuffed toys, edges of baby books, keys, their fingers, or even their parents' fingers!


Teethers are made from all types of materials. Some are made from rubber, silicone, plastic or wood and come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Many toys have multiple textures on them, because companies know that some babies might like something different. Many teethers are round and easy for a baby to grip and hold before they bring it to their mouth. 

Always supervise a baby when they are using a teether. While choosing a teether, look for a teether that the baby will be able to hold and safely put in their mouth. A teether that is to big or too small, could be a safety hazard. Do not use items that are not meant to be teethers as a toy, especially toys that have small parts that could fall off and be a choking hazard.  

An important thing to keep in mind while choosing a teether is to verify that it is safe for baby to put into the mouth. Choose only phthalate and BPA free teethers for your child. Choose teethers with non toxic paint on them.


Dr.Brown's Orthees Transition Teether

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