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K-MOM Natural Pureness Premium Organic Wipes review

K-MOM Natural Pureness Premium Baby Wet Wipes, Keep your little one clean no matter what!

Why use baby wipes?

Most of popular brands of baby wipes contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for babies with sensitive skins. Some doctors recommend to wait until your baby at least 1 month old before using the baby wipes.

Just be safe though. However, it’s probably fine to used it right away but be sure to look for allergic reactions. Stop using it if the skin irritation occurs.


Additionally, if your baby 1 month older, baby wipes could be very convenient for you especially during changing diapers on the go.


Why should you use K-MOM Natural pureness Premium Baby Wet Wipes?

Because at K-MOM, we all know how vital it is to keep your baby clean regardless of what. That’s why we’ve developed a brand new and better kind of wet wipe for busy mums.

Each piece of our K-Mom Natural pureness Premium Baby Wet Wipes is formed of thick and quality material at 60g thickness. The embossed style on every wipe makes cleansing off quicker and easier, particularly for newborns and younger babies who have a lot of diapering desires.

Each sheet is formed by Lenzing ag, a european based leading fiber innovation company, who are well-known across the globe for their prime quality fibers.




K-MOM packs are popular as a result of we make sure that they’re convenient and worth for money. Every pack contains a hundred sheets, permitting them to last longer then before.

The sheets themselves are created with no less then four main organic and natural ingredients, as well as organic peppermint, chamomile, calundula and aloe vera, creating a soothing anti-bacterial effect to make sure your baby’s sensitive skin is as comfy as possible.




Product Features:

    • 60g thick & made with superior EMBO material for extra softness & non-slip effect
    • Organic peppermint extract has anti-bacterial effect & keeps delicate skin of baby supple
    • Organic peppermint extract is suitable for babies with sensitive skin
    • Eco-Cert by EU certifies organic peppermint ingredient safe for use
    • 99.8% purified water & all natural plant extracts
    • Uses superior material, EMBO, for baby’s delicate skin
    • Wipes are specially made by Lenzing, a leading fibre innovation company in Austria
    • Each & every piece of wipe goes through 6 layers of filtration so it is ultra purified


    Does NOT contain any:

      • fluorescent brightener
      • coloring
      • alcohol
      • formaldehyde
      • paraben
      • MIT
      • CMI
      • phenoxyethanol
      • benzalkonium chloride
      • surfactant

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