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How to Choose a Travel System?

How to Choose a Travel System?

How to opt for the most effective travel system.

Find out what a travel system is, what proportion you would like to purchase one and whether or not shopping for a travel system is healthier alternative for you than a go-cart.

Why purchase a travel system? A travel system is that the same as a go-cart, therein it involves pushing your baby around on a group of wheels however you'll be able to attach a seat to a travel system. It means that you'll be able to pop your seat from the travel system into your automotive and back once more while not worrisome your baby an excessive amount of.

Pros: a decent travel system can have identical qualities as a good pushchair; it will be straightforward to use on a regular basis and have a simple-to-remove seat unit, or straightforward adaptors, thus it are often quickly swapped with the seat.
Cons: Travel systems ar typically larger and bulkier, generally heavier than most pushchairs. Plus, you will want adaptors to connect the seat.

How will a travel system work? It’s basically a go-cart chassis that you simply will slot your seat on or off. generally the seat clicks on, generally it slots on, otherwise you would possibly want special adaptors (which you generally need to purchase on an individual basis and may value RM80 or more) to connect the seat. further as a seat you may add a go-cart seat, generally a carry cot, or generally a lie-flat go-cart seat as another for transporting your baby. what proportion help travel systems cost? Travel-system compatible pushchairs are often expensive, however you will be happy to grasp that there is many alternative for pretty much everyone's budget – from around RM500 up to around RM2000 for a top-of-the-range, premium travel system.


What will a travel system include?

Some travel systems go with a seat enclosed as a part of the package. Others won’t however can say that automotive seats on the market they're compatible with, therefore you'll be able to go and obtain one. shopping for your travel system this manner typically works out dearer, however it will mean you get time to settle on a seat that you’re assured will transport your baby safely, that is essential. In fact, we’d suggest continuously selecting your seat 1st before you purchase your travel system. If your travel system comes with a seat it’s very important to visualize before you purchase. with the exception of the seat, your travel system can go with some variety of seat unit to move your baby after you don’t need to use the seat on the chassis. Then there might be alternative things enclosed, similar to a footmuff, rain cowl and alternative baby carriage accessories. continuously check what’s enclosed within the worth before you purchase.



Which travel system should I buy?

  • How heavy is the car seat? If you’re constantly moving your car seat from pushchair to car you want one that isn’t going to break your back once there’s a baby in it as well. Child car seats range in weight from just a few kg into double figures, so make sure you’re able to move it without causing yourself pain. 
  • How easy is it to fit the car seat? Sweating over a car seat that’s difficult to get in and out of your car is something that many parents are familiar with. Car seats attach to a car in a number of different ways – either by using the car’s seatbelt or by using a base. Isofix, which you might have heard of, fixes the seat in the car without using the belts. But bear in mind that an in-car base or Isofix base will cost more, in some cases up to around rm300 more. We always recommend you get your car seat professionally fitted and then practise over and over to make sure you can do it yourself.
  • Which travel system folds smallest? If you live somewhere where storing your travel system unfolded isn’t an option, you’ll want a travel system that folds down really small – a big ask when a travel system includes so much. Check the dimensions carefully. Which is the easiest travel system to fold? For getting it in and out of the boot of your car or if you need to use your travel system on public transport.
  • Does the travel system come with adjustable handles? Important if more than one of you is going to be pushing it and you’re different heights to each other. Check the handles are adjustable and that the heights available suit everybody. Does it have reversible handles/seats? If you want the choice of having your baby both non-parent-facing and world-facing, you’ll need to check whether the handles or the seats of the travel system allow this to happen.

Top five tips when choosing a travel system

1. Think ahead Planning a bigger family in the future? Check if the travel system you want can convert to a double should you need to do so, to save you having to spend more money on a new pushchair once baby number two arrives.

2. Check the size of your car boot Choose a travel system that will fit in your car boot. Some are quite big and bulky, and some can't fold without the seat being removed first. Our reviews rate how easy it is to get each pushchair in the boot of a family car boot, so you don't have to worry.

3. Budget for a Best Buy car seat Not all travel-system pushchairs include a car seat in the initial price, so remember to check what you get in the package before you choose and budget for a decent car seat separately. Which? crash tests every car seat we review in two different crash scenarios designed to replicate real-life crashes, so we'd always recommend choosing a Best Buy car seat for your travel system.





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