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clevacushion 10 in 1 review 2018

ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow Review

My review: I wish I had the ClevaCushion during my maternity.

The firm foam would have padded my aching back through my final trimester and provided much-needed comfort as a back rest. currently that i'm breastfeeding, it's a good relief to my aching neck and shoulders whereas my baby is latching properly. I will see however c-section mummies would realize this terribly useful, because it minimises pressure round the tummy area.

Clevamama ClevaCushion

According to the ClevaMama web site, the foam used in ClevaCushion shares several features with the memory foam however this low resilience polyurethane ClevaFoam is created with an open cell structure, thereby making it lighter and a lot of breathable, with reduced heat retention. As a result, i used to be treated to a comfortable, supportive and snug feeding session with my baby.

The adjustable waist strap connected to the pillow permits you to adjust accordingly while not having to stress about the pillow slipping off within the middle of a feed. This was one downside I two-faced with the previous nursing pillow I had.
Clevamama ClevaCushion
Besides being practical for adults, the ClevaCushion can be modified for a range of baby support tools. Among them are tummy time (#Article Why tummy time is important?) play support, bolster support, high chair support, and pusher insert.

I also tried inserting my baby on the ClevaCushion to see how she liked it. She used to be cranky once she was on the previous nursing pillow. As my husband and that i strapped her in beside the baby support cushion, we were happy with the cushion’s safety however sceptical about however long she would sit before becoming fussy.


With some hanging toys above her, she sat on the cushion and entertained herself for a good whereas, that gave me some precious alone time! once more, i feel the firm foam and insert provided “snugability” like she was being hugged.

We then tested the pillow for tummy time. Disclaimer: My daughter hates tummy time. So, we were certain yet one more surprise once she played happily with the rattle that was provided alongside the cushion. it's attachable to a loop behind the cushion.

My baby appeared to be comfortable whenever she is on the cushion, whether or not for tummy time or sitting.


Another feature that i prefer regarding the cushion is however the manufacturers paid attention to details, ensuring better comfort. i actually appreciate the cushioned strap pads that made it more comfortable and less abrasive like most straps. they're removable, which suggests I will use them for the seat, too.

While the ClevaCushion could seem like the other nursing pillow within the market, it's approach ahead of the others that I actually have tried. it's versatile and, as advertised, it will function in many ways.


  • Firm cushion
  • Good support for mum and baby
  • Attention to detail.

Age: 0+

  1. Made with ClevaFoam which has been scientifically proven to reduce Flat Head Syndrome in infants.
  2. Soft but firm, the nursing pillow provides back support while pregnant and helps create a secure and safe feeding environment.
  3. Includes extra insert support cushion to allow you to use as a nursing pillow or a comfort nest for baby.

10 different uses - Feeding pillow, baby seat, back support, buggy support, pram support, tummy time, bolster, high chair, bouncer, and stroller.


  • Low resilience polyurethane foam (hypo-allergenic, PH balanced and toxin-free)
  • Polyester fabric (PH balanced, guaranteed to be gentle on baby’s skin)


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I found this product totally un useful and a waste of money I would just rather hold my daughters I baught this before she’s was born she’s now 2 years old and so she never like,d this pillow and was supper hard to use and you don’t really need it and I found it a waste of time and money Andy just un useful

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