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Mom's Best Friend Forever
mothers day gift card ideas malaysia 2018

6 Simple but CREATIVE Mother's Day Card and Craft DIY

Today is special day, a remembrance day for our hardworking mothers and their sacrifices!


It's a good idea to have something underway for that excellent women in your life. Gifts are great. Sentiments are even sweeter

Need some motivation? Take a prompt from these one of a kind thoughts.


1. Happy Mother's Day!

Disregard those stationery store cards (only this once!) and get ready to share a remarkable and absolutely reasonable (and affordable) DIY gift with that woman in your life.


2. Memory Links 

Compose or write memories– both old and new– on portions of pretty paper and connect them together with stick. See yourself as cautioned: this chain could get long (and we see this as something to be thankful for!).


3.Candy Cards

If you can’t seem to find the right words on your own, let your most loved desserts and sweets do the talking. Have fun with the silly and so-spot-on messaging.


4.Fortune Teller

Remember the good old days when Mom would turn a piece of origami into a chatterbox, which would keep you entertained for hours...and hours? Now it’s your turn to be the creator. Before letting her play, to scribble down most loved recollections you've shared or the things you respect—and love—about her.


5.Special Seeds

Have a special childhood memory? Remind her the amount you valued those easygoing Saturday mornings in the garden. For an imaginative turn, compose a note and incorporate a bundle of her most loved flower, fruit and others.


6. Box of Love

Slackers, take heart. Humor her sweet tooth with a crate of her most loved desserts. Make it individual by including an extraordinary note that shows you really put some idea


7. Photograph Keepsake 

Make over a couple of lovely settling boxes with some familiar faces and memorable times. Select a bunch of favorite shots from now—and then—and size to suit the top of your box. Hide a message within therefore she’ll have a surprise waiting inside.


Thank you and Happy Mother's Day! :)

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