Tips on Choosing Suitable Laundry Detergent for Your Baby

Tips on Choosing Suitable Laundry Detergent for Your Baby

Parents need to be cautious because the skin of babies is extremely tender and sensitive until they are at least 1 year of age. If your newborn is breaking out in eczema, itchy skin or rashes, one of the places to track down the cause is to start with your laundry.

Residues from laundry detergents can be trapped within the fibres of clothes of babies, which are in constant contact with their skin. When the clothes become moist, these residues re-activate and trigger an allergic reaction on the baby’s skin. It is thus especially important to choose the right laundry detergent that is mild and minimal in its composition.

Hence, the first step is to pick a detergent free of substances that could potentially be skin irritants, which are found in most mainstream detergents. Avoid those that contain fragrances and ingredients like phenols (endocrine disrupters like BPA), optical brighteners (benzene), industrial enzymes and bleach. Although they help to optimise the sheen and cleanliness of clothes, they do more much harm than good to the skin health of your baby.

On a more secondary note, the detergent must be effective in removing stubborn spots and stains. It is probably every parent’s nightmare, but it is unavoidable to have the clothes of their little ones covered in milk, food sauces, saliva… you name it. If the detergent cannot perform its primary function of cleaning and clearing dirt, it is useless no matter how gentle, “natural” and dermatologically friendly it is.

Essentially, using the right laundry detergent for babies certainly helps to improve their overall comfort and well-being.

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Things to Consider Before Buy Toys for Your Children

Things to Consider Before Buy Toys for Your Children

A good toy can engage a child's sense, stimulate their imagination and encourage interaction with others. Simple toys are easier for children to use, need less supervision and can last longer.

1. Safety
Toys should suit the level and age of a child's growth. Toys should be clean and should not have sharp corners or small, detachable parts. They should not contain insecure, toxic or flammable materials, either.

2. Durable
A toy must be made from durable and solid materials to withstand frequent handling by a child.

3. Easy and Simple
To enjoy it a child must be able to work a toy on his own. Simple toys are usually
the most simple to work.

4. Entertainment Value
Children want to find a fun toy to play with now and when she grows up.
Look for toys that can play in multi ways.

5. Educational Value
Toys stimulate your child to think, visualize, and build.Choose toys that require skills to pretend, play roles, solve problems, and practice

6. Social Value
By playing with other children, the children learn essential social skills. By playing socially, they get to know collaboration, negotiation, and compromise. Choose toys that encourage your children to play with others.
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Why is the car seat important? Not only to fulfill the regulations set by the government but also to protect your baby for a secure and safety journey. Before you purchase a car seat, there are some factors you need to be taken into consideration:

The car seat must comply with the law and regulation set by the government, which the car seat must conform to the United Nations (UN) Regulation No. 44(ECE R44/04) and Regulation No. 129 (ECE R129) because these are the only type of qualification approved to be used in Malaysia.


Picture above shows the example of a label of UN regulations on the qualified car sears in which:

Kategori produk mengikut berat atau tinggi Product category according to height or weight
Nombor kelulusan yang diberi Approval number
Peraturan UN R44 atau R129 UN regulation R44 or R129
Negara yang meluluskan Peraturan UN UN regulation country of origin


Choosing a Car Seat

The selection of a car seat should be depending on the height and weight of your child. Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) had classified the car seat into 4 categories:


Category Height/Weight Estimated Age Type of Seat
Group 0/0+ - Weight below 9kg
- Recommended for weight below 13kg
- Height below 83cm
0-18 months Rear facing infant car seat
Group 1 - Weight between 9 and18 kg
- Minimum height 71cm
15 months to 4 years Forward facing infant seat
Group 2 - Weight between 15 and 25kg
- Minimum height 100cm
4 to 7 years Child booster seat with five-point harness
Group 3 - Weight between 25 and 36kg
- Height up to 135cm
6 years and older Child booster seat


The infants and children under 1-year-old should be using rear-facing seats. Followed by the toddler booster seat with five-point harnesses and then a regular booster seat that needs to use the vehicle's own seat belt.

Kindly reminded that parents should not install a rear-facing car seat in the front passenger seat if the vehicle has an airbag system. 


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How to choose the suitable bottle teat ?

How to choose the suitable bottle teat ?

Every baby has his or her own preference. Thus, it is recommended for Papas & Mamas to try out for their baby to choose the most suitable teat
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Ways to Encouraging kids to communicate/talk

Ways to Encouraging kids to communicate/talk

Parents are wonderful early language teachers as they adapt their language and oral communication with their kid on a daily basis. you'll encourage your kid to speak within the following ways....
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Why some children can have difficulty of learning to talk? Here's why!

Why some children can have difficulty of learning to talk? Here's why!

Some children having issues for learning to talk due to some circumstances. Read on to find out! :)
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joie steadi malaysia

Simple way your children may communicate

Communication is an essential part of life, through communication we connect with others, make our wants and needs known, share ideas and let people know how we feel.

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should know about baby bottle feeding

What you should know about baby bottle feeding

Whether you will be feeding formula completely, combining it with nursing or using bottles to provide expressed breast milk, here's everything you wish to get started bottle-feeding your baby.
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Disposable baby diapers vs Cloth diapers malaysia

Disposable baby diapers vs Cloth diapers! The comparisons and costs!

For the pros and cons of cloth and disposable diapers, read on! :)
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ggumbi review

Ggumbi - HQ nursery products that featured on TV dramas and variety shows!

Established in 2010, Ggumbi is a company that helps children develop imagination and dream through safe, quality products!
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selamat hari raya 2018 melaka

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2018 dari ! :)

"Kambing tua naik LRT
Katak pisang tercekik tulang
Walau SMS PROMO sahaja yang diberi
Itu tandanya ingatan tidak hilang


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DISPOSABLE DIAPERS Advantages and Disadvantages

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS Advantages and Disadvantages

There are pro and con using disposable diaper, read on to find out.
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