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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba Rotary Bottle Brush

RM 17.60

Healing macaron color matching, improving the quality of life, the ultra-fine sponge is not easy to scratch the bottle, 360° rotating brush, the function is easy to hold, and the pacifier brush is used to thoroughly clean the small and large bottle accessories.

Feature Description

  • Strictly selected high-density sponge, breathable and quick-drying, not easy to scratch the bottle nipple.
  • After high temperature treatment, it is more durable than ordinary sponges, and the material is flexible and can clean the small parts of the pacifier or bottle.
  • 360 degree rotation, easy to hold and easy to clean the bottle.
  • Hook design, easy to hang, easy to dry.

Product Specification

Colour : Sponge Green / Sponge Pink 

Material : Sponge / high density polyester foam 

Precaution : Please rinse with cold water