Simba Comfort Manual Breast Pump –

Simba Comfort Manual Breast Pump

RM 197.00 RM 167.50

- Patents─Spinning manual handle, and anti-backflow device.
- Energy And Time Saving─Leveraged manual handle, easy to use and creates stable suction to express milk comfortably.
- Ergonomically Designed─Spinning manual handle can be adjusted to your most comfortable angle and eases the sore of your hand during the operation.
- Cushioning Pad─Flexible silicone pad with massaging petals, providing extra cushion and gentle massage during the operation.
- Hygienic Design─Dust-proof breastshield cover avoids possible contaminations.
- Compact Size─Lightweight and portable, makes pumping easier.
- Extra Items─PPSU standard neck calabash feeding bottle, bottle sealing disc, anti-leakage silicone ring, cap set, and anti-colic nipple.

- Dust Proof Breastshield Cover/Breastshield/Cap/Vacuum Base/Manual Handle/Stand: PP (-20℃ ~ +100℃)
- Silicone Pad /Vacuum Membrane/Anti-leakage Silicone Ring/Anti-backflow Device :Silicone (-20℃ ~ +120℃)
- PPSU Feeding Bottle:Polyphenylene Sulfone (-20℃ ~ +197℃) )