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Mom's Best Friend Forever

Simba Allonge PPSU Wide Anti Flatulence Bottle

RM 66.90

Following the previous generations of baby bottles, they have been well received in the mother circle! With nearly 30 years of accumulated bottle-making experience, Simba the Lion King directly meets the needs of new families, and once again creates a top-level bottle. Yunmi platinum PPSU anti-colic feeding bottle resonates with mothers all over the world and understands your needs better.

Feature Description

  • Create platinum-grade pacifiers for newborns to simulate the feel of mom's breasts.
  • Aspir5.0 intelligent anti-colic decompression system, anti-choking, anti-spill, and anti-colic.
  • The only designation by authoritative hospitals, the success rate of newborn feeding is high.
  • 100% made in Taiwan throughout the whole process, eliminating the worry of import traceability.
  • Exclusive first one bottle with eight uses! Scientific feeding in stages: milk storage, breastfeeding, and learning to drink.
  • The bottle capacity, nipple size and accessories are the most complete in the industry.
  • The only batch of baby bottles in the industry has been strictly inspected by the international authoritative SGS, and does not contain bisphenol A&S and plasticizers.
  • Spiral lock leak-proof structure, the World Health Organization WHO recommends that the milk temperature is 70°C without leaking milk.

Product Specification

Colour : Beige / Blue / Green / pink

Size : 200ml S (Round Hole) / 270ml&360ml M (Cross Hole)

Material : 

Baby bottle cap ‧ Middle cap: polypropylene (-20℃~+100℃)

Baby bottle: polyphenylene (-20℃~+197℃)

Anti-colic nipple: Silicone (-40℃~+150℃)

Caliber : Wide Bore