Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator

Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator

RM 23.00 RM 18.00
SKU: HL-830113


The round nasal piece does not hurt your baby's mucus membrane even if baby is moving. Mucus is drawn into the transparent bottle instead of remaining in your baby's nose or mouth. A long straw is featured for baby's mucus removal.

• Rounded top fits into baby’s nose or mouth
• Safe for tender mucous membranes
• Straw length facilitates easy mucous removal
• Bottle collects mucous for easy disposal


• Body: P.S.
• Mouth piece: P.E.
• Nasal piece: P.E.
• Upper Case: P.E.
• Straw: Silicone

Cold/Heat Resistance: 
• P.S.: -20°C ~ 100°C (-4°F ~ 212°F)
• P.E.: -20°C ~ 80°C ( -4°F ~ 176°F)
• Silicone: -20°C ~ 120°C (-4°F ~ 248°F)
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