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Mom's Best Friend Forever

NUBY Silicone Breast Pump (Milk Collector)

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Nuby’s Comfort silicone breast pump can be used to express and collect milk HANDS-FREE! Collect milk while breastfeeding child or using another pump on opposite breast.


- Soft, natural cup shape allows for quick and easy expression.

- Ball stopper keeps liquid inside container for easy storage.

- Made with soft silicone.

- Suction cup base prevents unwanted spills and messes.

4 Simple steps to follow:

- Apply pump and center on nipple. Gently squeeze until you feel suction.

- Milk flows naturally with suction. No pumping necessary.

- Note: Hands-free design allows feeding baby from opposite breast while expressing.

- Squeeze cup to release.

- Store breast milk in Nuby bottles.