Medela - Swing Breast Pump with Calma Teats

Medela - Swing Breast Pump with Calma Teats

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Medela Swing Electric Breastpump


The Swing pumps more milk in less time thanks to its 2-phase expression technology, the first research-based breastpump technology that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm.

Designed for every-day use

This popular pump is for mothers who want to use a breastpump every day. It is perfect for a busy mother who works, plays sport, wants to go shopping or go out for an evening. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time pumping, the Swing electric breastpump is the ideal solution.

Comfortable and easy to handle

The Swing pump is easy to assemble and clean. You can switch between phases and set the most comfortable vacuum level. The battery option, combined with a belt clip, guarantees maximum 


At a Glance

The Swing electric breast pump combines a multi-award-winning design with the latest technology. The electric breast pump is very quiet and therefore represents the ideal solution for regular and discreet breast pumping.

Features and benefits for Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump with Calma

  • Small and light breast pump
  • Ideal for daily pumping at home as well as on-the-go
  • 2-phase pumping rhythm helps express your milk gently and efficiently
  • Electric motor is extremely quiet
  • Separate breast pump motor and tubing enables greater mobility
  • Easy to assemble, use and clean
  • Includes the Calma Solitaire teat
  • BPA Free
  • Requires 4 X AA batteries (Not included)
  • Free 2 year guarantee
Mothercare Loves...

...this fast and efficient breast pump that has been developed by breast feeding experts to ensure optimum expressing of breastmilk while ensuring your comfort.


Want to Know More?

The Swing is an electric breast pump which perfectly adapts to the daily routine of a dynamic mother and is ideal for occasional or frequent pumping. The Swing breast pump with the 2-phase expression is the only research-based breast pump technology which mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm.

Phase 1 - Stimulation Phase - just like a baby who initially suckles rapidly; stimulates the let down reflex.

Phase 2 - Expression Phase - pump automatically moves to a slower speed as the milk begins to flow

The unique combination of rapid stimulation and slower expression makes pumping gentle, comfortable and efficient. 

Medela offers a wide range of breast shield sizes to ensure comfort and efficient pumping (Standard size 24mm included only).

Also included is the Calma Solitaire teat which is the only research based feeding solution that mimics the unique breastfeeding sucking behaviour of a baby and therefore allows a baby to control the flow of milk.

All Medela products that come into direct contact with breast milk are, and always have been, made from BPA-free plastic. As an industry leader in breast pumping and breastfeeding, Medela is committed to always doing what is best for mothers and babies. Breast milk is best for the baby and the baby's natural sucking rhythm is best for the mother. In intensive pioneer work, Medela has converted the baby's intuitive knowledge into technological know-how.

Please note, this is a single user product. Used by more than one person may present a health risk and voids the warranty.

Did you know Medela also offer a rental option for a hospital grade double pump ideal for multiple births, premature babies or long term expressing. Click here to find out more about renting a Medela Breast Pump

The Calma Teat

The Calma solitaire teat system allows baby to maintain a natural breastfeeding suction motion which is ideal for given expressed breast milk with especially if you still plan to put baby to the breast. The design helps to reduce the chance of nipple-teat confusion for baby. The tongue action of a baby a breastfed baby is different from a baby who feeds from a bottle. Breastfed babies have to work harder for their milk and the Calma teat mimics this action. This teat also allows baby to be in control of the milk flow, just like if he was at the breast.

Don't Forget...

Mothercare have a range of sterilisers for ensuring your bottles and breast pump components are kept free of germs and bacteria


What's in the box:

  • 1 x Swing Breastpump
  • 1 x Valve head & Valve membrane
  • 1 x Breastmilk Bottle 150ml
  • 1 x Bottle Stand
  • 1 x PersonalFit Breastshield 24mm
  • 1 x Calma Solitaire teat
  • 1 x Mains Adapter
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x Sling
Review from John
5 / 5
Wife found it the best breast pump
09 March 2016
we tried a few different brands but this was far superior, it also seemed to be alot more powerful than other brands and reduced the time that she needed to pump. It was also very quick and easy to use / clear / put together etc
5 / 5
Brilliant Buy
02 February 2016
Very simple to use. Love the fact u can put batteries in it and use it when your out and about. I love the pump so much easier n quicker than a hand pump
5 / 5
Medela Swing
26 January 2016
After previously using a manual pump this was fantastic - so much easier and quicker. The parts sterilise easily in the microwave (steriliser not included but can use any steriliser or alternatively the Medela microwave bags). It comes with a bag so it's easy to store away or travel with you if needed. It can run off mains or battery which is handy if you need to pump on the go. I'd recommend this pump.
5 / 5
Best for breastfeeding
26 January 2016
The only breast pump I have used. It's easy to use very simple, n does the job with no pain and it doesn't take much time. It's worth the money. I was scared on buy such an expensive item, but after using it I don't regret paying alot for it.
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