Medela -Freestyle Free Kores Electric Auto Swing + K-mom wet wipes (80

Medela -Freestyle Free Kores Electric Auto Swing + K-mom wet wipes (80pcs x2)

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Freestyle® Breastpump

Freestyle double electric breastpump with 2-Phase Expression® Technology features a rechargeable battery and lightweight motor, providing a mobile pumping experience to keep up with your busy lifestyle.  The backlit digital display, timer and memory button helps you personalize and control your pump sessions. 


The Freestyle Breastpump Starter Set allows you to personalize your pump by letting you customize with additional breastpump and breastfeeding essentials like carry bag, portable cooler, breastmilk cleaning, feeding and breast care (each sold separately) to best fit your needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Double electric daily use breastpump: Designed for moms who pump several times a day
  • 2-Phase Expression technology with one-touch let-down button: Produces more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the expression phase
  • Rechargeable battery, compact and lightweight motor: Convenient pumping anywhere, anytime for true mobility
  • Digital display features a memory button, timer and backlight : Easy tracking and recording pump sessions in any environment
  • Double pumping kit with 2 sizes of PersonalFit™ breastshields: For comfortable and efficient pumping
  • Drawstring bag: Keeps you organized between pump sessions
  • All parts that touch breastmilk made without BPA

    IMPORTANT:  This is a single user product.  Use by more than one person may present a health risk, performance questions, and voids the warranty


What’s Included

  • 1 - Freestyle Breastpump 
  • 1 - Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • 1 - AC adaptor / charger
  • 2 - 5oz / 150mL breast milk bottles and lids
  • 1 - Double pumping kit, includes: (2) breast shield bodies, membranes and back caps and (1) set of tubing
  • 2 - 24mm PersonalFit™ breast shields
  • 2 - 27mm PersonalFit™ breast shields
  • 1 - Drawstring bag
  • Instructions

Important:  Plastic bottles and component parts become brittle when frozen and may break when dropped. Also, bottles and component parts may become damaged if mishandled, e.g. dropped, over-tightened, or knocked over. Take appropriate care in handling bottles and components. Do not use the breastmilk if bottles or components become damaged.
Reviews from Amazon
Verified Purchase
I had borrowed the Medela Symphony from my local hospital for two months and I really liked it, so I wanted to stick with the same brand. The Freestyle pump is easy to clean and maintain. The battery keeps its charge well, which is awesome for travel; i just keep it plugged in when I am home. The travel bag comes fully stocked with all of the supplies you could need. The pump is easy to set up and to use - it even has a hands-free option! I found that initially, I was unable to pump the same volume of milk with the Freestyle as I had been able to with the Symphony, but when I turned up the power to the highest setting, it made a big difference.I've been using it daily for a month now, and I am very happy with the purchase.
on March 21, 2016
So this is my third breast pump. My first pump was a Medela pump in style advanced. I used it to exclusively pump for my first baby for about six months with no issues - I just had to replace the valves and tubing after frequent use. With my second baby I first opted for a cheaper pump, the First Years Quiet Expressions pump which worked great for six days and then the motor was toast. Both of my babies were NICU babies so pumping was crucial for me. Because the First Years pump failed on a Friday night and I needed something ASAP I picked up this pump from Walmart and paid a little more than the cost of the single Medela pump. Immediately I could tell it was of superior quality.

What I love:
The timer! It's glorious

What I like:
Spare parts if you need to replace something
Different sized shields to accommodate different nipple sizes (it comes with 24mm which was perfect for me)
The cooler bag with four bottle storage and custom ice pack - I wish I had this with my last baby!
Pump itself is small which I prefer over the backpack I had with pump in style advanced
The rechargeable battery is awesome
I prefer these membranes/valves to the pump in style - they are larger and seem more sturdy

What I don't like:
The hands free straps are quite ridiculous
The bottles always topple over if you need to put them down for a second which still connected to the tubes - I wish they had a stand like the Ameda brand

It also came with some other extras for you to try - steam bag for cleaning which I used all the time with my first but prefer old fashioned boil water this time around, some breast pads which are fine, some milk storage bags which don't really freeze flat so I prefer other brands for efficient storage, the calma bottle nipple which I haven't tried with this baby but used with my first and she didn't care for it, four bottles which I love
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