Lacte Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump
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Lacte Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

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SKU: HL-LT-8880000056



Lacté Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breastpump - Unrivalled features at its price point
  • Built-in with High Capacity Recharcheable Battery, up to 8 cycles at single full charge.
  • 2nd Gen Soft Breast Shield with only 4-piece assembly.
  • Soft Breast Shield moves along to the pumping rhythm which mimics baby's natural suckling stimulation, for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • 2 phase Expression - Stimulation Phase & Expression Phase.
  • 9 Steps Suction Control
  • Compact and light weight for maximum portability.
  • Silent operation.
  • Touch Control.
  • Silent operation

2 year warranty ( motor ) , 6 month warranty ( adaptor )

Machine Weight: 350g

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