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Mom's Best Friend Forever

KUKU Duckbill BabySnivelAbsorber 2 Color

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Baby sleeps comfortably
Comfortable against baby’s nose


Baby is sick and crying
Quickly clean up the nasal mucus in the baby's nasal cavity

Easy to disassemble and clean
Each component is easy to disassemble and clean

Baby Snivel Absorber
KU.KU Snivel Absorber with very soft nozzle

Double valve can repeat the action
Can repeat the action,No backflow will happen

Comfortable against baby’s nose
Soft, flexible and clear tip comfortable against your baby’s nose

The pump is very flexible
Can easy to clean up the snivel without any problem

How to use
1.Please insert nozzle into certain position of baby nose,upward the valve, repeat to press the pump by manual.

2.Suck gently in order to remove nasal secretion out of the baby's nostril.

3.Nasal secretion will flow into cup.
Often the mucus may be thick or dry and you cannot aspire.
In these conditions, vials of saline are used to soften the mucus and then apply suction.

To Clean
1. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water before and after use.
2. After cleaning, do not assemble the sucker until all the parts are dry.
3.Do not boil or sterilize it with steamer.

Quantity: 1pc     
Applicable Age: 0 months up
Color: Blue. Pink    
Used to suck mucus and snot from baby's nostrils.

Nozzle/valve– Silicone
Tube– Polycarbonate (PC)
Pump– Silicone