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Kath + Belle Hair Shampoo (Peach)
This product DOES NOT contain Carcinogen. A Carcinogen is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. Safe and gentle on babies & children’s skin Hypoallergenic & non-irritating. Nourishes without stripping away natural moisture, leaving skin smooth and supple. Gentle and non-toxic formulations to clean without stripping away natural moisture. Gentle and non toxic blended with Coconut Oil and Tocotrienols, a form of Super Vitamin E oil that protect hair from free radical damages. Keep moisture of hair naturally manageable and silky soft.

With more studies showing the toxic effects of common ingredients in toiletries, more parents are turning to organic and natural products. This becomes an especially greater concern when it comes to caring for the delicate skin and hair of our babies and young children. Kath + Belle Hair Shampoo softens and untangles your baby’s hair. It also reduces itching and redness and does not produce any chemical buildup.

Our Eco certified formulation and conditioning agent help coats and protect hair against damage. Free from artificial fragrances petrochemicals and mineral oils.

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