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Mom's Best Friend Forever

K-MOM Wet Wipes First/Promise (10pcs/40pcs/70pcs)

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K-MOM began to study & create products that fit in with ' first ' to know how new & precious it is to have a baby. This is the first time we have been working on the product since it's our first time thinking about the delicate of baby's skin, and the sensitive baby's skin, so efforts continue to be made to create products that can be trusted for the first time. We'll share every first moment of their life so that their first life can remain a good memory and will always grow with K-MOM's ' first ' is the beginning of a child's life.



PROMISE 10pcs / 70pcs

  • USDA Certified Seed Oil
  • pH balance
  • Protect sensitive skin
  • Free alcohol/parabens/ phenoxyethanol/dyes
  • Non fragrances



  • Contains USDA certified seed oil extract.
  • All green grade ingredients.
  • pH balancing formula helps protect sensitive skin.
  • Free of alcohol, parabens, phenoxyethanol and dyes.
  • Non fragrance.
  • No additional chemical fragrance.