Holabebe Multi-Function Mommy Bag

Holabebe Multi-Function Mommy Bag

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SKU: HL-4110037


Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag choose between 2 hands free carrying options, padded shoulder straps or stroller loops,will always be ready for you and your baby for a road trip, a stroll through the park, or an outing in the fresh air and the roomy interior can easily tote all the essentials, several changes and much more.


It even includes an inside area to securely store your tablet. 3 external front zipper pockets,1 large back pocket and 2 side pounchs.



In addition, you'll find 5 very useful mesh pockets, and 1 handy zip pouches inside.For those quick and sanitary changes, your backpack contains a comfy changing pad. With your sporty diaper backpack fully stocked and securely on your shoulders, baby can happily share your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

38 cm x 30 cm

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