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Why your baby needs a teether toy? A good baby toy features bright light color to help eyes development, better with texture surface to help the touch feeling development, better can put in the mouth to help the baby explore the world. And the most important, baby put everything into their mouth. So a baby teether with bright color, smooth and textured surface is the best baby toy.Why we recommend silicone teether toy? An important factor for anything that goes into your baby’s mouth is that it is clean and bacteria free. We choose silicone as raw material because silicone is safer, it does not grow bacteria or mold. Plus it can stand tempreture from -40?-220?, easy to sterilize. And as a teether, can put in freezer for better soothe.Mombella the Octopus is Sophile la giraffe and banana baby in 1. Almost every baby gets a sophie la giraffe since it is an adorable teething friend. Mombella the Octopus is also a cute character but in a safer way. The Octopus is made of 100% food grade silicone with non-choking design, and the Octopus has 8 feet can be used as toothbrush and our bristle stays where it should be no matter how many teether does the baby have.Mombella Octopus is Super Durable with multiple function. The Octopus has different hardness on different part of the body so that different aged baby can bit on different part. And it is not only a teether toy, but also a bathing toy, a rolling ball, and a toy toddlers can play hiding game with. It is a friend that can go for whole childhood.

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