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Mom's Best Friend Forever

BebeFood Food Topping 4g x 7Pcs 10m+

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Vegetable sprinkle

Vegetable mix45.6 %(Sesame, Fermented rice bran, Baked salt, Spinach powder, Broccoli powder, Spring onion powder),

Seasoned laver17.96 %(Laver, Corn oil, Sugar, Sesame, Baked salt),

Soy&Tofu mix17.8 %{Tofu, sugar, baked soy powder, Vegies mix(Onion, Carrot), Baked salt, Spinach powder},

Flake mix6.97 %(Squash flake, Carrot flake, Chlorella flake),

Black sesame3.57 %, Seaweed mix2.69 %, Carrot2.68 %, Cabbage1.79 %, Spinach0.94 %


Seafood sprinkle:

Seafood mix45.84 %(Sesame, Fermented rice bran, Prawn, Soy sauce, Baked salt, Mussel, Blue crab, Squid, Clam),

Seasoned laver19.8 %(Laver, Corn oil, Sugar, Sesame, Baked salt),

Anchovy mix9.9 %(Anchovy, Starch syrup, Sugar, Canola oil, Paprika),

Prawn mix5.94 %(Prawn, Soy sauce, Canola oil, Sugar, Baked salt),

Cabbage, Flake mix(Squash flake, Carrot flake, Chlorella flake),

Black sesame, Seaweed mix2.97 %(Kelp, Saltwort, Sea mustard, Hijiki, Laver),Carrot

Keeping method and caution
- Store in a cool location at room temperature (1~35℃), away from direct sunlight and moist places.
- Eat immediately or keep frozen airtight after opening.
- This product is manufactured in facility using buckwheat, peanut, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, sulfurous acids, walnut, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish(including oyster, abalone, mussel)