Babylove Jumbo Newborn Cotton Pillow (35 x 21 cm) (Blue/ Pink)
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Babylove Jumbo Newborn Cotton Pillow (35 x 21 cm) (Blue/ Pink)

RM 12.70
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Jumbo Newborn Pillow

This is a sleeping pillow, designed for newborn,infant and baby. It is a special pillow which canprevent baby generating deflective head. And the healthy and beautiful development of headtype of the babies can be obtained. If you want your baby create a good sleeping environment foryour baby, you can have a try !


Made from 100% cotton premium material, very suitable for baby's soft skin.

Special neck protecting design andcute embroidery pattern, super lovely and prevent from babystiff neck.

Safety material, not contain fluorescent agent, formaldehyde and so on. It is machine washable.

Very practical for infants from 1 to five years old, the size is large enough for baby's sleep.

Not only can be a sleeping pillow, but also can be a support cushion for daily life.


​Material: 100% Cotton

Size:35 x 21 cm

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