Papas and MamasBaby Bud with Play Tray - Lime

Papas and MamasBaby Bud with Play Tray - Lime

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• extra safe-two chairs harnesses make sure they stay put.
• Four independently adjustable feet
• Non slip feet and two chair harnesses give extra safety and stability
• Stylish and simple to use
• Provides extra comfort and support for baby with removable soft seat inser 
• Easy to wipe clean with no crevices to trap food or crumbs

Product details of Mamas & Papas Baby Bud (Raspberry)

Nothing beats getting the whole family round the dinner table, but the littlest sometimes get left out. That's why we've created the Baby Bud booster seat. With four adjustable, non-slip feet and easy to use harnesses it fits securely to any kind of chair.

So wherever you feel like eating baby always gets a front row seat - from when you start to cook up until the fun's over. It even comes with a removable activity tray and seat insert, so it will stay part of your family until baby's 3 years old.

- 4 stage seat that grows with baby
- Easily fits most chairs securely, so you can boost your little one up to the table
- Includes carry handle for portability so you can feed and entertain baby at home or out and about
- Provides extra comfort and support for baby with removable soft seat insert and 3 position removable tray
- Easy to wipe clean with no crevices to trap food or crumbs
- Four independently adjustable feet mean you can put baby at the right height for the table
- Non slip feet and two chair harnesses give extra safety and stability
- Stylish and simple to use

- Secure 3 point harness
- 2 secure chair fix harnesses
- The tray provides added safety when secured on Baby Bud

Why Buy Me?
- The 4 adjustable non-slip feet lets you position baby safely and securely.
- The additional handle makes it easy to carry, perfect for meals out.
- The removable padded insert means you can still use it as baby grows.
- The extra-safe harness keeps baby secure, for extra piece of mind.

Age Suitability: 6 Months - 3 Years Approx.
Dimensions: H: 31 x W: 36.5 x D: 32cm Approx
Weight: 1.6kg/3.5lbs Approx.

Award Winning Baby Booster Seat
National Parenting Publications Awards - Gold Winner
Baby Bud - Dinner Times Are For Everyone

Why buy me
• 3 stage seat that grows with baby
• Easily fits most chairs securely, so you can boost your little one up to almost any table
• Provides added comfort and support for baby with removable soft seat insert and 3 position removable tray

Best Seat Ever!
ByJules.A.812on March 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
And I have had them all. I am not a big reviewer, but this seat is worth reviewing. I am a picky mom, and this pick was a great choice! My daughter loves being able to sit at the table with us. I recommend it for ages 15 months and up. Your child should be able to sit up on her own by then. Most seats tend to be big and clunky and not fit under table top unless you have a high-top table. It is easy to carry around and simple to clean!

Love this booster!
ByAnn Son March 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have the Prince Lionheart booster for my older daughter and really wish this one had been around sooner. I LOVE this booster for its simplicity and ease of cleaning. No tight crevices or places to trap food. Very easy to clean. Comfortable and adjustable through a range of ages. My 16 month old is sitting in it and I have it elevated with the insert. Its easy to wipe underneath and the food wipes off easily. I can't rave about this seat enough. Do yourself a favor and get this instead of Prince Lionheart if you are torn between the two. I am constantly having to deal with food getting trapped where the straps come out of the holes in the seat and and food also gets trapped where the cushion joins the base of the seat and you can't separate them in order to really clean it out. Honestly, I now hate the Prince Lionheat booster. If it Mamas & Papas booster wasn't that pricey I would just get another one and toss out the Lionheart.

Grandbaby loves it
ByMichelle Bryanton April 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
Bought this booster high-chair for my grandbaby as her fat little legs were too big for the bumbo seat we have. Also, I need a chair that does not take up any additional floor space in my already over crowded kitchen. I can put this chair on top of the table to feed my angel or strap it to a kitchen chair and put her in this seat so that she can hang out while everyone else is eating. It's comfortable for her and easy to clean for me. Plus, added bonus, the purple, slightly cushioned top seat comes off making it an even bigger chair! I can tell she will be able to use this booster chair for a couple of years. Well worth the money.

*****Versatile and Great Looking !
By Amazon Customer TOP 1000 REVIEWER on December 9, 2014

My Thoughts
Why does baby gear have to take up so much room? There's the toys, high chairs, pack n play, crib, bouncer, swing, jumper...the list goes on and on! Babies need a lot of stuff! As a minimalist this is really hard for me, especially after I'd gotten rid of all my baby gear when my youngest outgrew it! With a new baby in the house, we had to start all over!

Sadly we had a kitchen that doesn't really have room for a big high chair. That's why the Baby Bud Booster Seat was the way to go for us. With my other two I had just purchased the cheapest seat I could find at the time and that was a mistake. You don't want your baby/toddler to be uncomfortable while they are eating! The hard plastic just wasn't conducive to an enjoyable eating experience. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got this one and saw an immediate difference.

The Comfort
First of all, the colored part of the seat is a cushy material that will have baby super comfortable! No more squirming around trying to get comfortable! Now they can focus on the task at hand: eating!

I absolutely love the teal color that we got. It's perfect for our sweet baby boy and blends well in our home. It is also available in pink if you have a girl or a lime green if you like a bright color! Additionally there is one with an activity tray available. That would be great for keeping baby entertained if they are done eating and you want to keep them on lockdown while you load the dishwasher. I know my son always goes straight for the knives!

The Tray
I really like that this comes with a removable try. If you want to keep the food more contained you can use the tray.

It slides on easily and you can stop it wherever is comfortable for your baby depending upon their size. Then you just lock it into place by pushing down on the side tabs. There's even a picture on it to help you out!

I like that it comes with the try because when I go to a Grandparent's or friends house who doesn't have children, it's easy to just bring along. it even has a handle on the back for easy carrying.

Using Without the Tray
The tray is on the small side and probably best for using when you are out and about. For regular meals I like to just have Jax sit right up at the table with us and put his food on the table. Then I don't have to clean the try and I'm already going to have to clean the table!

Do you notice anything about this picture? You can't even see the booster which I also like! It's nice to have him right there at the table with us and then when he's not in it, there's not this giant eyesore of a chair.

This one's super cute anyway and definitely not an eyesore but I still like the kids stuff to not dominate the entire room.

Ease of Use
One thing that seems to be universal among high chairs, boosters, strollers and car seats is that they are a pain to adjust! I have never had a more easy to adjust baby item between all three of my kids and their loads of baby gear! You just pull on the straps to adjust them, without having to simultaneously push a button, pull to one direction while lifting in the other all while standing on your head. Ok that's a light exaggeration but really, only slight! There's also a nice little tab to tuck the end in so you don't have flyaway straps for people to trip on.

Ages and Stages
This booster is good from 6 months to three years so I won't have to buy him another one! There are four adjustable "feet" on the bottom making it easy to fit to any chair. I've already used in two different types of chairs in our home as well as a friends house and I could adjust to fit to all of them.

My Conclusion
We are really happy with the Baby Bud Booster, all it's features and it's comfort for Jax. He's a part of the family so he should be a part of the meals too! This would make a great gift for baby this Christmas!

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