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NUK Flash Thermometer
Hygienically measures temperature without touching baby’s forehead
The measuring tip can be held up to 3 cm away from the forehead
Infrared technology is used to determine temperature quickly and accurately in just one second
The digital display shows measurements in ?C or ?F
Can be used to measure the temperature of other surfaces such as baby’s food or bath water
The LCD display also shows the room temperature
Memory function allows to save up to 25 results to track the temperature’s progress
Acoustic fever warning feature
When in silent mode, all the sounds made by the device are turned off
Ready to use; lithium battery included
Using this device does not replace a medical examination. Find out about critical temperatures and visit a doctor as soon as these are exceeded. The same goes for any inconclusive results. Make sure that the sensor lens and the reflecting mirror are clean and not obstructed before each use. If this is not the case, please clean them.

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